ILP Graphic/Visual Creation

Because my ILP is American Sign Language, or ASL, I sort of found it difficult to create a visual for this. I know, it may seem a little weird, given the fact that ASL is based upon strictly using visuals. However, trying to put this onto a poster is difficult. I asked myself- What would be useful for the viewer to have on an ASL poster? The alphabet? No,  because to someone who is new to ASL it will just look like random hands on a piece of paper making random gestures. I then thought, “Well, I need to keep it simple then. Maybe just one sign on the poster and then when it was created and where it was created.”

This seemed like a good idea, so I went through with it. The site I was using to create this was Canva. The first thing I did was I chose a template, or a layout. Now, there were quite a few to choose from, so I simply picked one that stood out to me. After this I picked a background to use. This had quite a few options as well, but some of them cost $1 USD. Since this is my first time using this website, or doing anything like this, for that matter, I figured I should stick to something free to see how my poster turns out. I also wanted something that would stick out to the person viewing my poster.

Now, after the background was chosen I moved on to finding some letters. The choices for the fonts and arrangements of letters were enormous. So, yet again, I chose one that stuck out to me. This is where I chose to put the year ASL was established and where it was established. I thought this was a simple touch that gave the viewer some sort of information that could be understood without knowing anything about sign language.

After the font of the letters was chosen I noticed that it looked a little too boring. I mean, I wanted to keep it simple, but there was something missing. I then thought, “Maybe I should put something that will make the viewer think.” I decided I would put a piece of sign language in the poster so that the person looking at the poster would wonder what that meant and then he or she would be inclined to dig into ASL to figure it out. So, I searched ‘sign language’ in their database of pictures, and I found many pictures that would be great for my poster! However, all but one of them were ‘$1 USD’. I took the one that was free and placed it in the center of my poster. It was the centerfold of my creation. I chose this to be the centerfold because people would not recognized it and want to research into it.

I think this would be great to use in the classroom because it focuses on the students’ creativity. For me, it also hit on critical thinking because I had to create this poster with limited resources. I mean, I had many resources, but most of them cost money, so they were not an option for me.

I also believe presenting material in a visual or graphic style can be a great introduction. For this poster I attempted to use it as something that grabs someone’s attention and then forces them to dig into it beyond the poster. As I mentioned above, I put a piece of sign language on here so that the person viewing the poster would feel inclined to figure out what the sign meant; therefore, he or she would begin researching sign language.

This is how I came to create this poster below!

asl poster.png



9 thoughts on “ILP Graphic/Visual Creation

  1. I really like how you used Hartford, Connecticut and the year it was established because I know that is one thing that made me interested in looking at your poster. It would also make me want to look up more about ASL. In what subjects would you most likely use this method for critical thinking? I really enjoyed your post, great job!


  2. Nice work, Jacob! Your graphic caught my attention and makes me curious about what that sign means. I also chose to use Canva for its user-friendliness and large array of customizing options. I really enjoy the simplistic approach you took with your graphic. I think that so many times, we try to overdo it, especially when it comes to creating visuals. In this case, less is definitely more. I would agree that this is a great tool that would allow students to be creative in an educational setting. This would be easy in middle school and high school, but what are your thoughts/ideas about how to use it in lower elementary??


    1. I think for lower elementary using critical thinking is even more important than middle school and high school. I think attempting to solve a problem using limited resources is a skill students of all ages should be able to do. Obviously the degrees of difficulty would vary, but the concept is the same. I tried to keep it simple, but used a bright color to grab attention. I have learned that if you try to use a lot of visuals it is better to have darker colors. Otherwise it can be just too overwhelming for the viewer. Thank you for your comment!


  3. By making sure it was eye catching to you it really helped it be eye catching to me as well! The bright colors are great, and I do think I will go see what that sign means! I too had issues with everything being $1. Though it isn’t much it would really add up for a whole poster, and for this class doing it for free seems the best option anyway! Turned out really good though, it looks a lot like a movie poster! Great job!


    1. $1 does not seem like very much, but yes, like you said, it can add up very quickly! I figured keeping it simple would be great for this poster because there is not much that can be explained about sign language through a poster that people who are not familiar with it would be able to understand. Thank you for your comment!


  4. Jacob, I really loved your poster! I like that it is simple but effective. What does what the hands are signing mean? I agree that it is a great way for students to be creative! It is a bit easier than physically drawing, so it will be easier for more students. Great post!


  5. Jacob,
    I think that your poster looks great and it would definitely make me wanna learn more about sign language. Especially since I do not know what the centerfold of your project means.
    Great post!


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