ILP Continued

After my blog post last week I was given some help by one of my classmates. She read my article and sent me some links she had from a packet that she had received at a conference about sign language. There were six different links to websites about sign language that were all so different and exciting!

The first website,, has a dictionary on it where the viewer can search any word in ASL and have the definition of the word as well as a short video clip of the sign being used. This is so helpful because it may be difficult to describe a word using just text. This website also gives a full lest outline on those beginning to use ASL. I thought that was so interesting and useful for people, like me, who are attempting to teach themselves ASL.

The next website,, also has a dictionary tab like the website above. However, this one gives signs that are very similar to one another, but are slightly different. It gives a side-by-side video of the two signs that are similar so that the viewer can see the difference. I thought this tool was very helpful! is the next website I looked at. This also had the dictionary tool, but also had a religious dictionary and a dictionary for phrases too. It also has a tab for ASL for babies, which uses very simple signs with no phrases. This website also gives quizzes over everyday sign, religious signs and fingerspelling! It was a very useful website.

I will discuss the other three websites in my blog post next week, so stay tuned for more!


One thought on “ILP Continued

  1. Jacob,
    Thank you for sharing your resources. These are great! I feel like there are days I have hit a brick wall and not sure where to go. Some signs I am not sure that I am doing them correctly.


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