Digital Activism

The Digital Age is something that is new to each and every one of us. However, it is much more difficult for the older generations to understand. No, this is not because I think they are more incompetent then my generation, which I do not, and no, it is not because they do not lack the necessary skills to understand new technology. It is simply that those before us were never given the opportunities we have had with technology. Have you ever heard your parents, grandparents, or any older family member say something like, “Back in my day we never..”, you can fill in the blanks. My point is that technology is so ever-changing that we can not prepare ourselves for the future, and we will end up say, “Back in my day..” However, since we are in a generation of using the internet for most of our communication, let us use it in a productive way. This productive way can be digital activism.

Digital activism, from what I understand, is using social media as a voice, and allowing the world to listen to that voice in the hopes that someone out there has the same opinion as yourself. By doing this we can unite the different peoples of the world to come together under the same voice. This all sounds great, and I encourage anyone and everyone to speak their voice and have it be heard on social media. What I am nervous about is people abusing this power.

Like I said, everyone’s voice should be heard; however, many voices will oppose yours. How will you respond? Will you attack others for having different opinions? Will you lose your ground and give in to another voice because so many people try to tear you down? I hope the answer to both of those is ‘No’. You will not treat other peoples’ opinions negatively. You will listen to their ideas and persuade them to think otherwise, but the one thing you will not do is attack others. Too many people on the internet treat digital activism as a conquest to conquer those who oppose them. This, in turn, causes outrage and negativity on social media. This cannot be a trait to digital activism. It is meant to be a positive term, and your voice must keep it that way. Allow others to oppose you because your positivity will only give your voice and opinion more power.

Cyberbullying happens every single day on social media. The negativity being used against someone can harm them emotionally and possibly physically. This is one example of how your voice can rise up against this negativity and be a light in a world that can be so dark. Follow the link here to see how one fifteen year old has chosen to be a light for those who are cyberbullied. This person has opened up to anyone on twitter who needs someone to talk to. This person has brought a positive light to the world of social media, and many more people to act as this fifteen year old has done.

We all have the power to be a digital activist, so why not use it to make the world just a little more positive for everyone?

Below is another link to page I referenced.





2 thoughts on “Digital Activism

  1. Jacob, I like how you pointed out the the older generation who have trouble with the internet is due to the lack of experience that the younger generation has. When looking at digital activism I think this is something to remember. The older generation would hold protests, where now our method is digital activism. It is interesting to see how the time has changed and how much change is still to come.


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