Reflection Through Week 8

Well, it officially been eight weeks of taking this online class, which is “Literacy in the Digital Age”. It has been eight weeks of non-stop learning. It has also been eight weeks of non-stop work; however, it has been good, positive work. Coming into this class I did not expect to be spending so much of my time on just one class. I did not expect that an online class would consume more of my time than all of my other classes. This is good though because I have learned so much in these few short weeks.

The most interesting thing that I have learned from this class so far is definitely how to build my own personal learning network, or PLN. Not only how to build one, but why it is so important. Prior to learning this I had never realized how careless I have been with my social media use. I had been using it strictly to entertain myself, which is not always bad, but I was not making myself better as a person or as a student. I had so many things on my twitter feed that had no meaning to my life whatsoever. Now that I know how to create my own personalized learning network I have a feed that continuously feeds me knowledge of things that are useful to my life.

This class has definitely met my expectations. I mean, I did not have any major expectations coming into this class, but I did want to learn something- anything. I have done just that in the first half of this class, so, to this point, I am satisfied. As the next half of the semester begins I would like to keep that learning flowing.

So far I have learned how to create a personal learning network, as I mentioned before, how to “hack” the school system, about passion-based learning, and many other important factors that are important to digital literacy. I hope that I can keep this knowledge flowing as these next eight weeks carry on. We have covered such a wide range of skills in the first eight weeks that it is hard to know what to expect in these next few weeks, and this is good. It is good not knowing what to expect, but expecting to learn something. I have no idea what to expect; however, I am full of excitement. I cannot wait to expand my knowledge of digital literacy.


2 thoughts on “Reflection Through Week 8

  1. I think it’s pretty common to initially start using social media just to entertain. But wow, that digital footprint sure catches up with us if we’re not careful. I know it’s been nonstop getting all these accounts set up, finding PLN accounts to follow, etc. But I really believe it will all pay off. I hope we all have a great second half of the semester!


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