ILP Through Week 7

As I near midterm break I wanted to take a step back and see what I have accomplished with my independent learning project. If you have kept up with my blogs on my American Sign Language, or ASL, project. As I mentioned in my first blog on the topic, I have a very slight background in sign language. In sixth and seventh grade a took an ASL class that gave me just the bare bone basics of the language. I wanted to learn the skill again, but I also wanted to move forward with it as well.

Most of my research came from watching YouTube videos on the internet, and this was very helpful. I found some videos of many varieties. By this I mean that I watched some videos that were slow paced and more elementary, which was very nice to have. Then, when I was ready to advance, I found some other YouTube videos that were, well, more advanced. By more advanced I mean that they were a lot faster paced and used more advanced signs.

I wanted to take my learning to the next step by finding a book, or two, that I could order off of Amazon. After searching through for a while I could not decide on which ones to get. I also did not know which one would help me either. If there was a book where I would need guidance from a professional to get the full understanding from what the book had, then that would be a waste of money for me. I then decided to prolong my search for a book and stuck with free internet learning. This was so easy to do. I also figured that if I am still learning from these and have not come to any roadblocks with the videos then I could keep going down the path I am on.

So, that is where I am still. It is hard to describe how much I have learned, but I can tell you that I am almost to where I was when I had been taught the information by a teacher for over eight months back in sixth grade. It feels good to know that I am teaching myself too. That alone gives me motivation to keep learning. Also, if I am not finding new ways to learn I can keep my knowledge alive through repetition of the language.

So far it has been such a fun experience to learn ASL again! As always, I am excited to expand my knowledge with this topic. If you have any suggestions as to how I can keep myself learning please share them with me! Thank you for reading !


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