Ds106, which is short for ‘Digital Storytelling 106’, is a site that plays as an online course for students of any age. Well, students should hopefully know how to type on a computer and have social media sites. By this I mean they should be old enough to have a Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, for example. In other words, whoever wants to join ds106 should be old enough to own a cell phone. However, the most important necessity to this course is an internet connection.

So, the question arises- what is digital storytelling? Well, as a matter of fact, there is no solid definition for this. It is not something you can argue with your friends about. I mean, you could, but you’ll probably both be correct. To me, digital storytelling is using the advancements of technology to share a personal story. Yes, there you go; short and sweet. There is really no specific way to define the term here. Follow the link below to learn more about it. Sorry I wasn’t much help.


What I love so much about ds106 is that the options are endless. You are only limited to your own imagination. Do not tell me you have taken a college class that has those kind of boundaries. You could try, but I know you are lying. Another thing I like about ds106 is that there is no right or wrong. The only thing wrong is not participating. Once again, good luck naming a college course that has that kind of flexibility.

Because ds106 is personalized to our imagination and interests it can be used by anyone. Whatever your mind may find interest in can be expressed through ds106. As I mentioned, your imagination is the limit. As an aspiring elementary educator, especially in this day and age, it is imperative that I teach students to operate technology of all kinds. However, what I am teaching my students to use and become familiar with may be old news and useless knowledge after a few short years, and this is because of how quickly technology advances. What will also advance with technology is my students’ abilities to use their imagination and think of ideas that nobody has thought of before. Even if someone has used a similar idea I will teach my students to bring that idea to life through technology. Students at an elementary age may not be able to draw precisely what their brain is attempting to draw, but technology can do that. There will definitely be a place in my classroom for sites such as ds106. Hopefully there can be many more as well.


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