ILP- ASL Through Week Five

This week I decided to step up my game a little bit. I figured that if I am going to actually take learning ASL seriously I need to dive in head first take this language seriously. So, to do this I decided to look up some books, from, that I could possibly purchase to continue my learning of American Sign Language. During my search I found so many great things.

I started by looking for books, which there are thousands on the topic of ASL. Then I came across dictionaries, flash cards, videos, board games, clothing, etc.. Now, at this point my mind is spinning. There were so many cool things that I could get! I mean, I wanted all of them because they looked so interesting and entertaining. However, my bank account nudged me on the shoulder, rolled its eyes and gave me look as if it was saying, “Ya right” in a really sarcastic tone. I needed to narrow my search down to what would be really beneficial to me right now. After a long ten second thought the decision was made- I needed a book. I figured if I can keep up with my learning and seriousness with the topic I could reward myself with another book or game.

I searched for books and, as it turns out, the hardest decision making was yet to come. As I mentioned before, there were thousands of book options. I mean there were categories all the way from the ABC’s to a book titled “Dirty Sign Language: Everyday Slang from “What’s Up?” to “F*%# Off!”. I’ll be honest, I really did want to get the second one. However, I will be teaching elementary school students someday, so maybe that would not be the best choice. I do want to learn some of those words to tell some people how I really feel. I would have to just hope they would not know sign language.

I narrowed the price range down to see what books I had even the slightest chance at buying, and I found some great choices.  One of them was “American Sign Language Dictionary, Third Edition” and the other was “Barron’s 500 Flash Cards of American Sign Language”. I figured that a dictionary would be good because it has every word that I would need to know. I thought the flash cards would be nice because I would be able to quiz myself while I learn. That is quite the double bonus! I have yet to make a decision on the topic though, so please comment with what you think I should do!                                                                              



3 thoughts on “ILP- ASL Through Week Five

  1. Glad you decided not to get the Slang book, you can always get that another day! I personally would prefer the flashcards just because I am a visual learner, and chances are I will look over the flash cards more than a dictionary.


  2. Jacob,
    I too am considering purchasing some supplemental materials to help cement my learning. I guess one way to approach your ILP is that it is really going to be beneficial and useful in the future. Should you forget a word, then at least your can refer to your dictionary or flashcards. The topic I suggest would be the book that gives you phrases you are going to use everyday or something close to it.


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