TED Talk: David Blaine

Please, before I go off on a rant about this guy, please see how amazing he is with your own two eyes.

He is insane, right?! He begins by talking about past stunts he has done, like being buried in a coffin for a week, freezing himself in a block of ice for three days and standing on a one hundred foot pillar for thirty six hours. The whole time he is talking about these stunts I was just thinking to myself, “How did he do that? What is the point? This guy is still alive?!” Meanwhile, David talks about these stunts as if he was reading a book that he had read a thousand times before. It was all so casual to him to talk about. Yes, he is a very mellow man with calm mannerisms and a soft tone to his voice, but how does talking about near death experiences not excite him and make him jump around and scream at the audience? Granted, he did put himself into this situations, but he succeeded with flying colors! He has done multiple things that no man has ever accomplished or even attempted before! Okay, maybe that is his happy and excited face. Maybe his next stunt can be to smile for thirty seconds straight, because he probably as never done that before.

He then starts to grow a small grin on his face when he begins his main talk, which, as you saw, was holding his breathe for seventeen minutes. It took him repeated attempts to research a way to do this. He went from trying to breathe in a chemical to shoving a tube from Home Depot down his throat. However, just like every other stunt he does, he had to do it the “old fashioned way”- actually holding his breathe. After months and months of training, and a few failed attempts, David Blaine accomplished his mission. He held his breathe for over seventeen minutes.

After gathering my emotions and picking my jaw up off of the floor I thought about how I could use this TED Talk in my classroom. To be honest, I still do not know the answer to that. I suppose all I could say to my students is to go home and not tell their parents we learned how to do stunts like David Blaine. Since I have aspirations to be an elementary school teacher someday I could give my students a talk on goals and dreams. My talk would be short, sweet and to the point- shoot for the stars. Do what you want to do. No matter how big the road block is, even if no man has ever done it before in the history of time, find a way to do it. I guess I would be telling them to be David Blaine, really. If I wanted to confuse my student I would say, “Be like David Blaine, but please do not be like David Blaine.”




3 thoughts on “TED Talk: David Blaine

  1. Jacob, this was a very interesting video to watch. Even though he was soft spoken, you could tell his passion for what he does. He was truly dedicated to go so far, to have a tube put down his throat with the chances of it not working, and it didn’t. I like your suggestions of how to relate this information into your class. The best advice this video provides is to not give up one your dreaming not matter how challenging it can become at times. Like you said, “Be like David Blaine, but done be like David Blaine”.

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    1. Mindy,

      I am very glad you found this interesting too! the things he does just for the sake of entertainment and proving people wrong is amazing. He is one of the mentally toughest people of all time and he is so resilient too! I hope that I can help teach my students to be the same way. I hope I can teach them to never give up. Failure is just one step closer to success. I’m also glad you picked up on my humor there at the end! Thank you for the comment.

      Jacob Henderson

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  2. Great post, I enjoyed reading this! I really like how you thought about incorporating this video into your classroom, and actually teach kids something. Aside from being an inspirational video, it is crazy to see what this guy just did, they will definitely be impressed! I also liked your last sentence.


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